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Print & Web Articles

Dr. Aller’s ground-breaking research findings in the field of myopia control have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Mateo Times, San Jose Mercury News, The Los Angeles Times, The New Scientist magazine and various scientific journals. Here are some of these articles:

Investigational and Early-stage Myopia Interventions – A Farsighted View

Special Issue | February 2019

IMI – Clinical Management Guidelines Report
Researcher launches informational myopia website
Real World Myopia Management: When and How to Change Treatments
COVIDOPIA or COVIDNOPIA: Myopia Progression During COVID-19
What Has the Pandemic Done to Our Eyes?

The Truth about Myopia Part One – Contact Lens Spectrum

The Truth About Myopia – Part Two – Contact Lens Spectrum

Optometric Management Article by Dr. Aller on how to implement myopia management in clinical practice

Dr. Aller’s editorial on a proposed link between digital devices and both myopia and dry eyes

Dr. Aller comments on pilot study of NaturalVue Multifocal contact lenses for the control of myopia

Dr. Aller releases latest version of Myappia, an Android app for projecting myopia progression and control

Optometric Management – OD Scene feature article on myopia control pioneers

Dr. Aller appointed editor of

Optometrists should be treating myopia progression

Doctors aim to give nearsighted kids a 20/20 future

Myopia control clinic now established at UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Optical Control of Myopia, a Clinical Commentary, Optometry and Vision Science

Bifocal soft contact lenses as a possible myopia control treatment: a case report involving identical twins

The Case for Myopia Control Now. Ophthalmologist argues that myopia progression can and should be treated now

Johns Hopkins review on the control of myopia in children. Best methods highlighted include atropine, orthokeratology and bifocal soft contact lenses

The New Scientist Magazine: Stopping the short-sight epidemic

LA-Times: Bifocals slow progression of myopia in children, study shows

Contact Lens Spectrum: Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses for Myopia Progression